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On the 25th of November 2018, the ‘Hel van het Noorden’ will be taking place for the 41th time on the Eemskanaal in Groningen. On the eastern bank of the Eemskanaal, visitors can watch the Hel van het Noorden. Since 1975 the Groninger Student Rowingassociation of Aegir has organized this head race. The ‘Hel van het Noorden’ or in English ‘Hell of the North’ got its name from the harsh and cold weather that is common during the late fall period in Groningen.

Bike Rental

It is possible to rent a bike to follow the rowers participating to the ‘Hel van het Noorden’. Prices and availability will soon be published on the website; we advise to check often for new information. If you want to rent a bike ahead of time you can make a reservation by contacting abactis@helvanhetnoorden.nl.


Sunday 25th of November 2018, the Groninger Student Rowing Association ‘Aegir’ (G.S.R. Aegir) will organise the 41th Hel van het Noorden (Hell of the North). The ‘Hel van het Noorden’ is a six-kilometre-long head race for singles and Coxless pairs on the Eemskanaal in Groningen, the Netherlands. The race has its humble beginnings in a time-trial […]


On Saturday the 24th at 12:00 it will be decided which part of the canal will be used as warming up lane and as racing lane. This year there will be a distinction made within the singles between SA and SB rowers. For both categories there is a different ranking, both categories including an award […]

The Hel van het Noorden Shop is closed at the moment, we will open soon!

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Ever since 1975 the GSR Aegir has encouraged Dutch rowing and has organized the ‘Hel van het Noorden’; The six kilometre long head race over the Eemskanaal.