Regulations of the Hell of the North 2023

General points:

  • The ‘Hel van het Noorden’ will be rowed under the provisions of the KNRB regiment for rowing races, for so much as a judge finds necessary.
  • The ‘Hel van het Noorden’ will be rowed on Sunday the 26th of November, 2023 on the Eemskanaal from post 17 to 23.
  • Registration opens on Thursday the 26th of October, 2023 at 12:00
  • Registration closes on Wednesday the 22nd of November, 2023 at 18:00
  • The drawing of lots will be on Friday the 24th of November, 2023 at 20:00
  • Races with three or less admissions will not be raced, or will be included in a different race.
  • During registration, mention scull status and board status of the rower(s).


  • The race is time trial. Every two kilometre (non-official) times will be taken. The start and end times however, are official and will be taken for ranking. As showed in article 35 RvR

Starting Order

  • The starting order will be determined through drawing of lots. This accounts for status and skill of rowers.
  • The last race number starts first.

Race and Bow numbers

  • All participating crews are expected to wear a clearly visible race and bow number, during both the pre-race rowing and the race itself. For the 2- the rower on bow must wear the race number.
  • The bow number is to be attached to the corresponding holder. Should this holder not be present, you will be excluded from the race.
  • The race numbers and bow numbers can be taken at the race secretariat for a deposit of 10 EUR total.
  • Race numbers and bow numbers will only be given to crews from whom all admission fees have been received.
  • The race leadership does not accept any responsibility for wrongful times of any participant if the race numbers are not properly set up, and/or any bow number that is wrongfully attached, because of which our clocking posts will not be able to see it right.


  • Light rowers will be weighed per the winterweight. This means: Light gentleman: A maximum of 75 Kgs with a crew average of 72,5 Kgs and for light ladies: A maximum of 61,5 Kgs and a crew average of 59,5 Kgs.
  • The weighing will take place three and two hours before the first start the specific field in the weighing room of Aegir.
  • If the winterweight has been crossed, there is a possibility to start in the heavy field, provided that the other participants in the heavy field don’t have any objections.

Health and Safety demands

  • There will be supervision under article 20 RvR named safety demands. There will be checks for bow balls and healstrings by the KNRB-juror teams, make sure that these are in order. Should there be damages or defects, you should go to shore and repair without limiting access to the docks.

Launching and Docking

  • For each field launching times will be made. Considering the distance to the start (10 kilometres) you need to be punctual with the schedule. A large number of boats need to launch in a short number of time, so after boarding you are supposed to leave the dock as soon as possible. This means adjusting your foot stretcher on the water.
  • You must follow all instructions from the jurors and dock personnel.

Pre-rowing and line up

  • Participants are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the start to the pre-starting area. Take into consideration that 10 kilometres of pre-rowing must be done. This means that participants must have passed the finish at least 45 minutes before the start. Rowers that have not reached the finish 45 minutes before the start will be sent back. These participants cannot start in a different heat.
  • Regarding safety, one may not pass another rower in the pre-rowing area.
  • It is permitted to keep on rowing in the pre-rowing area if a race comes through.
  • Rowers are not allowed to turn until they have passed the buoy 200 metres past the start. You can continue rowing after passing the buoy.
  • It is not permitted to stop rowing in the pre-rowing course between the start and the pre-start.
  • In the starting area you must follow all instructions from the jurors.

Pre-rowing course

  • The side on which the pre-rowing course will be, is determined on Saturday the 25th of November 2023 at 18:00. It is dependent in the direction of the wind.
  • The pre-rowing course will be 10 metres wide and there will be a yellow buoy every 250 metres.
  • If the line between racing course and pre-rowing course is violated, you will be punished with an added 15 seconds of time. When actively hindering races you can be expelled.


  • Races will be started numerically through the drawing of lots, the starting differenc is 15 seconds. Between different categories there can be a starting difference of 1 to 2 minutes.
  • The rowing association colours are to be clearly visible during the race. (Article 8 RvR)
  • Passing other boats means that the boat passed must dodge the passing boat, so the faster boat may stay on the optimal line on the course. A crew or boat will be seen as passed when the stern meets the bow ball of the passing boat.
  • When a crew has passed the finish, they are expected to continue, so that the finishing area stays clear for other participants.
  • Crews in the race course may not row in the pre-rowing course
  • When actively hindering other participants, expulsion may take place.
  • Participants are supposed to at all times act to the rules of sportsmanship and common decency.


Disciplinary repercussions

  • When in violation of the rules, as written in article 75 RvR a time penalty may occur.
  • Time penalties will be taken in 15 seconds.
  • Multiple breaches or violations can lead to multiple penalties.
  • Hindering crews and ignoring instructions from the jurors or race leaders can occur penalties.


  • A protest must be made clear directly after the finish by the raising of a hand. If this is not possible a written protest must be submitted within 60 minutes after the race at the head of the race jurors.


  • Training may take place from sunrise to half an hour before sunset on Saturday, November 25, 2023 on the Winschoterdiep and North Willems Canal.
  • On the Eemskanaal it is NOT allowed to row, You can find the Rules for Rowing races (RvR) here.
  • Training in the dark is prohibited!