The address of the rowing society ‘Aegir’ is Stockholmstraat 10, Groningen, the Netherlands.

With the train you can travel to the central station of Groningen. From the station, it is possible to travel by bus, to be precise bus 5, 73 and 74. The bus stop is Stockholmstraat. Information about the busses can be found on QBuzz.

In case you are coming by car, we need to inform you that there are a limited amout of parking spots in Stockholmstraat. Therefore, we advise you to park your car at the parkinglot of the Bauhaus, found about 2 minutes walking distance from Aegir.

By bike it is possible to easily reach the rowing society. We will make sure there will be enough space for everyone to place their bike.


1. Aegir, Stockholmstraat 10
2. Rusthoven, Stockholmstraat 5
3. Free parking visitors
4. Paid parking Sontplein
5. Paid parking Beneluxweg