Security Protocol

Tasks in Relation to Safety

Safety coordinator – Dertje Roggeveen (before: Thomas Ganzevoort)
The safety coordinator intervenes if an incident occurs during the race, e.g. if a rower falls over. The safety coordinator, together with the race doctor, is on standby throughout the race to assist where necessary.
This person is also the liaison between the rescue team and the race doctor. He drives the race doctor along the course and receives all reports of accidents (read: overturned rowers) along the course.

Race doctor – Herman Mees
This person is driven by the safety coordinator along the course in order to provide quick provide medical assistance if needed. The doctor is in any case equipped with a first aid kit and an AED.

Lifeguard – Rico Vroom
The rescue team is on the water. They come with four boats and spread out across the course. When an accident happens, the rescue team will get there the quickest be there and take the necessary actions. The rescue team is in contact with the safety coordinator, race management, camp judges and with each other. Via walkie-talkie they will they will discuss the further course of action with them.

Camp Judges
In addition to other duties during the race, the camp judges will check before the race whether each boat has heel strands and a bow ball. These precautions are of great important for the safety of the rowers. In addition, the camp judges will also liaise with the safety coordinator and the rescue team.

Other boats
There will also be 3 other small boats along the course to assist as needed. The drivers of these boats do not necessarily have an expertise in helping rowers but will sometimes be closer to the victim than a lifeguard boat.

Along the course HELpers are standing with throwing line. If a rower goes over, they too will contact the safety coordinator and throw out the throw line if necessary. The safety coordinator will then take further action.

The intention this year is to have a direct line of contact to the Safety Coordinator (Dertje Roggeveen). His phone number will be posted on social media, the website and whatsapp group and attached in a mailing to all boards. This way we hope that coaches and boards can also take quick action take action should anything happen. It is then up to Tim to call in the rescue team involved.


The following parties are involved in communications at the Hell of the North:

  • The Hell committee
  • The race committee
  • The camp judges
  • The rescue team
  • The safety coordinator
  • The race doctor

Most communication will be via walkie-talkies provided by the committee (the rescue team has its own walkie-talkies). For the communication via walkie-talkie, different channels will be used, this prevents unnecessary interference on one channel. The channels are divided as follows:

  • Channel 1: Hell committee
  • Channel 2: camp judges + rescue team + safety coordinator/competition doctor + boats without rescue team
  • Channel 3: camp judges + race committee
  • Channel 4: camp judges finish

The Hell Committee
The committee will communicate among themselves on a separate channel. The following people will have a walkie-talkie: Praeses, Contest Director, HRM, Terrain, Runway. In addition there will be a walkie-talkie at the Secretariat (Abactis & Fiscus).
The race director of the Hell of the North will switch between channel 2 and channel 3. Should anyone needs her urgently, he can always be reached by phone.

Camp Judges
The camp judges will communicate on their own channel, this channel should be kept free kept from unnecessary communication. On this channel the camp judges will provide information provide each other with information regarding the course of the competition and alert the rescue team if a rower is in distress. On this channel the race doctor can also be called in.
The following camp judges have at least a walkie-talkie:

  • Chief Judge
  • Weighing (on Aegir)
  • Start
  • Pre-start
  • Finish
  • Every 2 kilometers (2, 4, 6)

Rescue Brigade
The rescue team will also communicate among themselves on a separate channel. Each boat of the rescue team will also receive 1 walkie-talkie from the race director of the Hell of the North, he must set it on the channel of the camp judges (channel 2). This way the rescue team is always in contact with camp judges. If the rescue team does not respond via the radio they must still be informed by telephone.

Safety coordinator and competition doctor
The safety coordinator and the race doctor will be in the same car. As a result, the race doctor can always be reached through the safety coordinator. In the car there will be a walkie-talkie will be present. In addition, both can also be reached by phone.

Porto channels

  • Channel 1: Hell committee
  • Channel 2: camp judges + rescue team + safety coordinator/competition doctor + boats without rescue team
  • Channel 3: camp judges + race committee
  • Channel 4: camp judges finish

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Safety coordinator Dertje Roggeveen: 06 46789918
  • Competition doctor Herman Mees: 06 53526254
  • Chief Judge Christaan Arendzen: 06 43293652
  • Contest Director Umi Kuiphuis: 06 46574236
  • Coordinator rescue team Rico Vroom: 06 43469710

Safety protocol for capsizing rowers
Should it happen that a rower falls over the relevant camp judge should follow the communication plan of the camp judges to follow. This plan will be discussed in detail on the morning of the Hell of the North is discussed in detail during the camp judges meeting. The camp judges will have help from spotters along the shore at all times. These spotters will keep an eye on the rowers watching and notify the camp judges if a rower goes over.

Review communication protocol at the beginning of the day / print out

Knocked over rower will be spotted:

  • Spotters -> call safety coordinator
  • Camp judges -> contact rescue team and safety coordinator via walkie-talkie
  • Rescue team -> safety coordinator via walkie-talkie
  • Boaters without rescue team -> rescue team and safety coordinator via
  • Spectators -> call safety coordinator

Can the rower get to shore by himself?
1) Alert Safety Coordinator via walkie-talkie (Channel 2) or telephone
→ Who are you? Where are you standing? Who has capsized (association/rowing number).

2) Remove boat from the water as quickly as possible and bring to shore
3) Safety coordinator indicates when rower has been reached (channel 2)

1) Alert safety coordinator via walkie-talkie (Channel 2)
→ Who are you? Where are you standing? Who has capsized?

2) Nearest boat approaches → report via walkie-talkie whether the rower has been reached
3) Retrieve rower from water → provide first aid, give heat blanket
4) Take boat off the water
5) Bring rower and boat to the shore → report where exactly (channel 2) by radio
6) Safety coordinator signals when rower has been reached (channel 2)

No response from Safety Coordinator? call: 06-46789918

Retrieve overturned boats
Boats are retrieved with the fruit cart → (driver: HELpje withBE driving license contact via phone)

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