Rowing Lane: 

The warming up lane and the race lane will be chosen on the 25th of Novembre at 6pm.


This year there will be a distinction made within the singles between SA and SB rowers. For both categories there is a different ranking, both categories including an award ceremony. However, both SA and SB rowers can start within the same field, because there will be placement lottery based on skill and not age.

Training: On Saturday the 26th you can train from sunrise till half an hour before sunset on the Winschoterdiep and Noord-Willemskanaal. Training in the dark is forbidden. On the Winschoterdiep, you have to wear a yellow vest because of the shipping! On the Eemskanaal there is a rowing prohibition which is only lifted the day of the competition itself.

Rowing Course:

As you can see on the picture, there is room for cycling on the North side of the Eemskanaal, and there is room for driving a car on the South side. Please note that the south side has a dike between the highway and the water. This year the Hel van het Noorden will be rowed from post 17 to post 23.