The address of the G.S.R ‘Aegir’ is Stockholmstraat 10 in Groningen

By train you can travel to Station Groningen Centraal. From here it is possible to travel on by bus 5, 76 or 178. Bus stop Lubeckweg or bus stop Brandweer is the closest stop. More information on the bus schedule can be found at 9292ov
Er zijn maar een beperkte hoeveelheid parkeerplaatsen beschikbaar aan de Stockholmstraat.
You can get as far as the grounds themselves by bike. There will be enough space to park your bike.


In the street of Aegir (Stockholmstraat) you may park where there is space. If there is no space, you may divert to the other three parking options on the map to the right.

#1 Sontplein, paid parking.

#2 Sontplein, temporary parking (maximum 2 hours)

Free parking, this is a business area that is closed on Sundays.

If you are only attending the afternoon program, you can park at Ikea between 12:00 and 18:00. Please note that the parking lots are closed outside of these times. So make sure you get out again in time!